Thousand Greens is a private, confidential and free community of golfers who belong to highly regarded and top rated private clubs, enjoy meeting other passionate golfers, and would like to play other private clubs as accompanied guests.

Most golfers love to play at as many of the best golf courses as possible. Many of these courses are other private clubs with no public access. Thousand Greens connects members of various courses with each other so they can play other courses as accompanied guests, fully adherent to each club’s guest play policies.

It is a free peer to peer golfer network which does not require any upfront buy-in, annual membership, etc. It relies on like-minded golfers to host fellow club members as accompanied guests upon mutual convenience. To join the Thousand Greens network, individuals must be members of highly regarded private golf clubs. We are using top100golfcourses.com as a reference list to determine club eligibility.

The system will thrive with member willingness to host fellow members from other network clubs. There is no obligation on part of a host; they accept requests only if convenient. In addition to the primary goal of being able to play at other desirable courses, members will build a community of like-minded highly successful people who could become lifelong friends.

How It Works

Who can join? To join, members must belong to a private golf club. Members will be placed in one of four tiers (best in world, best in country, best in state/province, and other private clubs) depending on the reputation of their best club as determined by the various golf rating and ranking publications.

Will my club object? This is intended to be a social network of like minded golfers. All connections and requests to play made through the network are intended to be accompanied guest play, conforming to the guest play rules and etiquette of each club. No member is expected to financially benefit from hosting other members as guests. We do not anticipate this to fall afoul of any club rules or norms. To the contrary, we expect the clubs to see the benefit of widening their exposure to potential future members.

Will my information be public? No. Upon joining, a member will only be able to see the names of the clubs which are represented by the members of the network. No member identity or any other personal information will be visible to other members or non-members.

What functionality does the application offer? There are two main features. The primary feature is for members to play other member courses as accompanied guests. The second feature is for members to join events offered by either our affiliate partners or by other members.

What are my hosting obligations once I join? Members have full control on how many times and when they are willing to host. We recognize host members will only be able to host as their schedules permit. No host member will ever be "on the hook" to host in a manner that is not convenient for them. There is no penalty for declining any given incoming request. Having said all that, the system will only thrive with the willingness of members to host other members at their club, pursuant to each club's guest play policies.

How do I request to play a course? On the Courses map, members can see all the courses represented by other members who are a part of the same tiers in the network. They will be able to make a request for any eligible course. Making the request timing as broad as possible maximizes the probability of finding a host whose schedule matches the request. Once submitted, a request email will be sent to each host member of the requested club. If a host member can fulfill the request, an email introduction will be made between the host and the guest to finalize the logistics from that point on. The probability of request fulfillment will keep increasing as we add more members to each club in the network.

How often can I request? A members ability to request is driven by their own willingness to host. Each time a member hosts, they will earn a request credit. The more a member hosts, the more requests they earn. There is no limit to how many times a member may host. To maintain their membership, members are expected to be willing to host even if occasionally.

Can I take a friend along? Golf is a social game and is much more fun when played with friends. While not required, we encourage you to take a friend along. We only ask that the accompanying friend also be a member of a country club.

What happens if there is a last minute schedule change? Unforeseen circumstances cannot be avoided. It is the host's and guest's responsibility to coordinate in such an event.

Matters of money? The network is intended to be financially neutral to the host. It is the guest’s responsibility to cover all guest fees, caddy fees, tipping, pro shop expenses, etc. Many clubs are cashless clubs. For such clubs, the guest should clarify with the host on how to cover the expenses.

What if I didn’t have a good experience? Our sincere hope is that we will attract genuinely nice, fun to be with members who like to play golf with others. At the end of each game coordinated through the network, we ask both the guest and host to rate their experiences to ensure that the connections made through Thousand Greens Network deliver a high quality experience.

How do events work? In this section we will create a network of affiliate partners who offer events (such as a trip to Augusta for the Masters or a golfing destination like Scotland). All events will be offered and executed by specific third-party operators who are experienced in the golf hospitality industry. In addition, any member can also create their own event and make it open to other members. That could be useful for running charity events or other "days at the club" kind of formats.